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API Overview & Purpose

The Java Game Tome Application Programming Interface (JGT API) allows connecting to the Java Game Tome and provides services such as game listings. Helper functions in the PHP programming language are provided.


1. Download the sources: JGT API 1.0.3 (Nov 14, 2008)

2. Copy the sources into your web directory (requires PHP support).

3. Run jgtcon-demo.php via your browser to verify correct installation.


The following code sample outputs the total number of games for topic 1 and lists the names of the first and second game returned:
   $jgtcon = new JGTCon();

   $games = $jgtcon->getGamesByTopic(1);
   echo 'Total Games: ' . $games->total . '<br>';
   echo 'Game 0: ' . $games->list[0]->title . '<br>';
   echo 'Game 1: ' . $games->list[1]->title . '<br>';

Look at jgtcon-demo.php for a more detailed description on how to use the API.


Please visit this page for API updates.