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Recent Additions and Updates

Current game listing with most recent additions and updates. The list is constantly updated by our moderators. Please visit us daily!

Morcant Battle
Action & ShooterOct 2, 2011


Dirami Conquest
StrategyOct 2, 2011


Sport & RacingOct 2, 2011


Large Slingshot Collider
Puzzle & CasualOct 2, 2011

Release version

Jewel Crusher
Puzzle & CasualSep 23, 2011

A classic match-3 game written in the NaaLaa programming language.

Puzzle & CasualSep 5, 2011

Version 1.0

Juan Håkholt
Arcade & RetroAug 24, 2011

Collect workers' souls to devastate the Capitalism in this ironic political platform game! The original version was made for a Swedish liberal newspaper, so the translation might seem a bit odd.

Arcade & RetroJul 14, 2011

You are icarus and your goal is to fly to the sun.
Get as high as you can and beat the highscore.

Shalor Combo
Puzzle & CasualJun 16, 2011

v 1.0

Puzzle & CasualMay 24, 2011

A platformer like SuperMarioBros with same new features (e.g. a 2 player challenge), infinite random levels and the chance to make your own ai etc. It's the programming challenge 2011 at the Otto-von-Guericke university in Magdeburg.