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Recent Additions and Updates

Current game listing with most recent additions and updates. The list is constantly updated by our moderators. Please visit us daily!

NaaLaa Tanks
Arcade & RetroMay 4, 2011

Use your tank to blow up other tanks. Written in the NaaLaa programming language.

Action & ShooterMay 2, 2011

A retro first person shooter game written in the NaaLaa programming language.

Puzzle & CasualApr 15, 2011

ApoSlitherLink is a logic puzzle. You play it with your mouse. Left click to set an edge and write click to block that edge.

Whats new:
- Moving clouds and a nice star.
- a tutorial
- more levels
- no bugs

Puzzle & CasualApr 15, 2011

In this little, simple game the objective is to clear all the colored pieces to finish the level. Sounds easy and it is. =)

What is implemented?
- some easy, minimalist, nice looking gui
- an online highscore list
- 4 achievements
- a tutorial
- a hidden cheatmode to know how many pieces will be cleared

StrategyMar 31, 2011

New game

Little Fish Big Fish
Arcade & RetroMar 30, 2011

Avoid being eaten. Hide in floating seaweed to avoid attack, darting out only to get food. Register to have high score recorded.

Intergalactic Arena
Action & ShooterMar 28, 2011

New version 1.2 is free with registration for a limited time. New character development features. Modify characteristics as you earn experience. Use your winnings to buy items for your characters. Unlock higher level characters as your experience increases.

Virtual Ocean Races II
SimulationMar 24, 2011

Initial public version

Mahjong Dreamland
Puzzle & CasualFeb 14, 2011

Updated to work with Chrome.

Action & ShooterFeb 14, 2011

Updated To use single-button mouse controls (no longer opens browser context accidentally)